Advocate for physical exercise and inspire others to get active with you!

Become involved: Exercise changes lives

Act as an advocate for those who need a spark to get moving

Our mission is to encourage exercise – for cognitive development for the young to optimize and maintain brain functioning for all ages; for those suffering from anxiety, depression, and learning disorders for those battling any type of addiction.

If you experience benefits and enjoyment from your exercise program and want to help others, you can help make a significant difference in American life.

We hope you will be encouraged to delve into the confirmed scientific reasons supporting what you have probably known all along: Exercise offers amazing physical and mental health benefits plus it boosts your brainpower!

We also hope that you appreciate the benefits of your lifestyle enough to be the spark that helps others become physically active. Whether acting alone, or with the support of your running club, triathlon club, yoga group, or any other athletic team, there are many ways that you can share the enjoyment and positive effects of exercise.

Light A Spark

When you combine exercise with social interaction, you affect multiple areas of brain function – you maximize cognitive capabilities, optimize mood, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem.

However, the less physically active we are, the less likely we’ll reach out and touch someone. That’s why we need those who know the benefits of exercise to help us on a grassroots level to build awareness through their formal and informal exercise groups. And next time you have an organized event, encourage someone you know to participate.

Do you know that if we don’t take these steps to change our sedentary lifestyle- literary and figuratively – we will be the first generation in America’s young history where our offspring will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents?