Exercise is a key addition to the recommended public health protocols to avoid getting COVID-19, and to help avoid severe complications if you contract the virus.
The articles referenced below provide insight and tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including daily exercise.

April 22, 2021: New York Times
The Nervous Person’s Guide to Re-Entering Society

March 4, 2021: Time
The Pandemic Has Spurred a Return to Low-Cost Fitness Activities

April 28, 2020: Forbes
How To Thrive During The Pandemic: 10 Strategies For Resilience Based On Brain Science

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Older and Stuck at Home? Expert Advice on Fitness

April 22, 2020: Wired
Fitness 101: Our Guide to Working Out From Home

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Think running is not for you? Try this

April 15, 2020, Neuroscience News
COVID-19: Exercise may protect against deadly complication

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Let’s Get Moving While Home Schooling!

April 10, 2020: New York Times
Exercising Outdoors With a Face Mask

April 8, 2020: Jurgen Thoelen, Medium
Belgian-Dutch Study: Why in times of COVID-19 you should not walk/run/bike close behind each other.

April 8, 2020: Outside
6 Rules for Staying Active During a Pandemic

April 8, 2020: New York Times
Feeling Down? Anxious? Hostile? A 4-Day-a-Week Exercise Regimen May Help

April 5, 2020: The Guardian
Sunshine, exercise and social distancing across the UK – in pictures

March 31: Science Daily
Regular exercise benefits immunity — even in isolation

March 22, 2020: The Conversation
Anxiety about coronavirus can increase the risk of infection — but exercise can help

March 21, 2020: Bangor Daily News
How to exercise outside while practicing social distancing

March 18, 2020: The Atlantic
The Healthiest Way to Sweat Out a Pandemic

March 18, 2020: KQED
Exercise Tips To Help Kids, Teens and Families Stay Balanced at Home

July 14, 2019: K. Aleisha Fetters
How to get yourself to work out when you’re depressed