Addiction Recovery

For ten years, Sparking Life has focused on the teachings of Dr. John Ratey and the impact of exercise on the brains of the young, the aging, and particularly those with behavioral challenges such as addiction. Our foremost project is Sparking Life Sparking Recovery with a mission to promote organizations like the Boston Bulldogs Running Club, Strides in Recovery, and Temperance Training Foundation. These organizations have learned that the combination of camaraderie with discipline as enabled by good leadership works!

How are we helping? At the top of our list are our efforts to jump-start evidence-based studies which evaluate the successes of the Bulldogs and Temperance Training and the other similar groups out there. We are poised to serve as the gateway to subjects that our academic institutions need for in-depth studies. These studies need to assess the physiological, cognitive, and behavioral impacts of exercise on addiction recovery. This is by no means our only role. The development of curriculum for Wellness Recovery Coaches and academic programs related thereto is very important.

As our organization grows, we expect to be able to assist organizations like the Bulldogs with everything from expanding or licensing, fundraising, and obtaining grants, to coordinating their activities with other important opioid-related nonprofits such as Shatterproof and their wellness efforts.

Additionally, we hope to be a resource for those in recovery.

How can you help? We are currently seeking the following:



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